Lead effectively. Initiate growth.
Unleashing growth -with your peer group

CEO and Business Growth Circles

A leadership and business round table program for ambitious CEOs and entrepreneurs. Learn with and from your peer group.

personal entrepreneurial business growth

Unfolding growth with confidence

Imagine that as a CEO or Entrepreneur you belong to a group of entrepreneurs who drive the development of their company.

At the same time, you develop self-confidence and assertiveness in how to achieve new growth.

Many of our participants came to us with the following challenges:

CEO & Founder Growth Circles

Receive inspiration, impetus from your peer group as well as know-how and show-how as well as practical applicable tools.

Develop new confidence with and through your peer group on how to empower your leaders and your business for new growth.

Not only will you find your answers to current business challenges, but you will also learn practical tools to take immediate action.

It can get lonely at the top of the business. End your isolation as an entrepreneur. Share your challenges with other entrepreneurs and learn from other entrepreneurs’ recipes for success.

Get inspiration and peer group feedback at eye level from other entrepreneurs for your company. On the further development of your organization, on the adaptation of your corporate strategy, on your leadership approaches, on the planned organizational structure.

You will receive inspiration and impulses from experts for the further development of your corporate strategy, your leadership approaches, the development of your leadership team.

For the targeted strengthening of your leadership competencies as well as strategy and implementation competencies, we will present you with practical, easy-to-implement tools and show you a way to put new things into practice with your teams.

As an entrepreneur, you know the feeling that you cannot talk about all topics in the company. At the same time, you want an exchange that brings in as many different experiences and perspectives as possible.

Faster implementation through the workable approaches and tools. More ease and the better decisions for your company and yourself through the peer group.

Development space for demanding decision-makers

Growth Circles: These are monthly, compact, interactive sessions for entrepreneurs and co-/founders.

With directly applicable impulses, inspiring personal sparring at eye level from top-level peers within a one-year growth journey.

Who are the participants?


Participants are CEOs, CxOs and founders of companies with up to

up to 50 employees


of the participants are CEOs, CxOs and founders of companies with between

50 – 150 employees


of the participants are CEO, CxOs of companies with more than

+150 employees

What some participants share...

The overall scope of the CEO Growth Circles

1 Year

Work continuously on your personal and corporate growth plan

10 Modules

10x modules in one year, each 3 h interactive (peer) learning sessions


Work in time boxing with the guarantee that you will advance more than two steps.

1:1 Coaching

We guide you with monthly 1:1 executive coaching and keep you accountable along the way

30 Impulses

30 impulses with the 30 associated leadership tools

The focus of the Journey

You bring your topics and we bring 30 impulses with a focus on growth, leadership, strategy, execution and more

Ignite new growth

A leadership team for more relief

A strategy for impact and value

Your participation options

Monthly virtual growth workshops with other CEO's and founders or the CEO with his own growth team


Founder and Co-Founder
Price upon
  • Impulses and tools for more ease and growth
  • Micro-learning lectures for growth into a leader of the future
  • Diskutieren Sie Ihre Herausforderungen mit Experten und Gründern
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions


Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
495 per Month
  • Bring in your business challenges
  • Discuss your challenges with entrepreneurs
  • Monthly calls to ensure your progress
  • Monthly calls to ensure your progress


up to 6 Participants
2350 per Month
  • As an in-house variant or for your entire leadership team
  • Evaluation of team health
  • Monthly calls to ensure your progress
  • Optional monatliche Coachings mit dem CEO

Bring in your business challenges and let us surprise you

...where you can be inspired by other entrepreneurs, leaders and experts.

Address your most pressing challenges in a new way

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