Lead together, grow together, expect genius

As start-ups grow rapidly, entrepreneurs face new and fundamental challenges. Instead of stumbling through these issues, learn how other founders and CEOs solved such challenges and get cutting-edge tips from Germany’s leading growth experts.

Robust processes

Efficient leadership team

Healthy growth

Are you struggling to grow your business?

Many leaders feel utterly alone with their challenges ...

Inefficient processes

Dysfunctional leadership team

Slow growth

80 h Work weeks

Lead together, grow together, expect genius

We help entrepreneurs solving their growth challenges. Present your challenges and have other founders and CEOs help you. Additionally, you learn cutting-edge tools and methods from Germany’s leading growth experts.


Less firefighting and more time for you to work on strategy, hiring and developing A-players.

Efficient Leadership Team

Build an A-player leadership team, focused on a faster rhythm and measurable results.


Your organization will achieve solid growth, driving the valuation of your company.

What you get

Join our monthly half-day workshops where other founders and CEOs openly share their experiences, discuss strategic challenges and learn from each other.

Case Study Presentations


In 7 Schritten zum erfolgreichen Storytelling [Anleitung]

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Problem-Solving Discussions


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Monthly half-day online roundtables with other entrepreneurs


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  • Case study presentations from other entrepreneurs
  • Micro presentations from experts
  • Discuss your challenges with other leaders


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  • Everything from "Professional" package
  • Individual assessment
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call with leadership coach


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1995 per month
  • Everything from "Professional" package
  • Team health assessment
  • Monthly team coaching

Meet some of our leaders

Hannes Kleist

Founder Fooxes Group

Michael Jordan

CEO Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan

CEO Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan

CEO Chicago Bulls

Bring your challenges and get inspiration from other leaders

How does it all work?

When companies experience strong growth, CEOs and leadership teams are faced with a new set of fundamental challenges. The organisation outgrows its former processes, efficiency declines. Collaboration is frayed, and divisions are working more against, than with each other. Teams are straining beneath the persistently heavy workload. For too long, you have been working 80 hours and more per week. Sales growth is slipping, and growing pains are becoming more urgent. Now is the time for you to act.

You could continue to fend for yourself and try to address the growing pains in your organisation. However, you are often just replacing one band-aid with another and not getting to the root cause of your problems. 

What actually helps organisations to survive their critical growth phases in a healthy way are new perspectives and impulses from the outside. So challenge your current perspectives and get support from other successful entrepreneurs. 

The NEXT GROWTH Roundtables bring together successful entrepreneurs who all face similar growth challenges – or have already overcome them. Work on your individual business challenges together with other founders and CEOs in an exclusive, protected setting. Learn how other CEOs have tackled similar challenges. Discover cutting-edge leadership methods and get inspiration from Germany’s most renowned growth experts.

Join our monthly half-day workshops where other CEOs openly share their experiences, discuss strategic challenges and learn from each other. Join your exclusive CEO Peer Group and tackle your company’s own challenges together.

Receive exciting case studies and micro-learning presentations from other CEOs. Get clarity on the health of your organisation and team through individual assessments. Attend monthly 1:1 coaching sessions for you and your entire leadership team.

Apply for a seat at the table with your dedicated business peer group. Develop as a leader and grow your business with the help of your dedicated, long-term peer group for NEXT GROWTH. Are you ready to challenge the way you view your business?

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7 Areas Blocking Your Growth

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Finden Sie versteckte Wachstums-Killer, passen Sie Ihre Organisation schnell und einfach an wechselnde Umfelder an und führen Sie Ihr Unternehmen zurück auf den Wachstumspfad.

Für jeden Bereich empfehlen wir Ihnen Methoden, die bewiesen haben, dass sie die Wachstumsprobleme nachhaltig beheben können.