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We help executives and leadership teams to achieve both: Build a successful business and a fulfilling role as a leader.

Your Growth Advisors and Executive Coaches

As a Growth Advisor, we help leaders gain new perspectives to build a successful business and develop a fulfilling role as a leader. We support you in developing a better growth strategy, a growth culture and a growth mindset. You get a stronger leadership team, with a twice as strong CEO.

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Georg von Laffert

Olaf Sell

Growth Adivisor & Executive Coach

I am passionate about driving social development and economic success in our market. The term NEXT GROWTH, coined by the Zukunftsinstitut, aptly summarises this vision. A stable community and thriving, successful businesses are critical to our society.

This requires strong leadership and effective entrepreneurship. I firmly believe that sustainable growth and innovation can only be achieved through decisive action and clear goals.

Our journey together will be successful if we work together to create real value for your customers and employees, generate sustainable social value and take your business to the next level. Let's work together and shape the future.

Georg v. Laffert

Growth Adivisor & Executive Coach

I empower trees, people and entrepreneurs to grow. As a forester, entrepreneur and growth advisor, I have dedicated my career to sustainable development and business success.

I firmly believe that a company cannot grow faster than its leader. Strong leadership and effective entrepreneurship are the prerequisites for meaningful progress. I am committed to helping you enjoy the journey as an entrepreneur or leader of your organisation. It's a simple concept, but not easy to realise.

Let's work together to shape growth in every aspect of your business and as a leader and beyond.

Olaf Sell

Enables alignment and focussing of the team

  • Builds leadership teams and NEXT GROWTH companies
  • Supports companies growing to
    100+ million euro turnover
  • Creates focused, powerful leadership teams
  • Helps leadership teams increase the financial viability of their organization
  • Builds the companies you’ve always wanted to work for

Georg v. Laffert

Creates measurable business value

  • Straight talk and practical tools for high growth firms
  • Creates high performing leadership teams
  • Coaches CEOs who are stuck in the “Growth Trap“
  • Creates a roadmap to grow your business that aligns your team, provides focus, and adapts with the needs of your business

Experience as an entrepreneur, growth advisor, strategy consultant

  • Certified Growth Advisor
  • Certified Executive Coach
    Marshall Goldsmith
  • Certified Team Coach Marshall
    Goldsmith & Global Coach Group
  • Systemic Business/Strategy Coach – Neuwaldegg

Adds tangible business value

  • Certified Growth Advisor GravitasImpact
  • Certified Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith
  • Certified Team Coach Marshall Goldsmith & Global Coach Group
  • MBA Insead (Singapore & Fontainbleau)

Clever strategies.
Fresh perspectives.

An approach for executives and leadership teams, with the latest business inspirations and growth foundations, easy-to-implement leadership, and growth tools for a thriving business and success as a leader.
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